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Hello all!

I want to know how popularity direct selling/network marketing is at France? I would like to move France and I am working with that kind of company.

So is it possible for me to make my living with this at France?

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If my interpretation of the French employment/self-employment law is correct, then I'm afraid that network marketing is a non starter (which may confirm why I have never seen such a thing here).

IANAL. You most definitely would need to speak to a French accountant on this one.

Sorry if this is not what you wanted to hear.

Bon chance.


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Hi All, I am presently working with a Network Marketing Company in France, the company have covered all the rules and regulation as a self employed Representative and the company will pay your social security contibutions based on your earnings.  Once you earn more than 14,856 euros for 3 consecutive years, you must register with URSSAF and then you will received a Siret number.


If anyone would like any more information, please email me.





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