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My husband and I moved to france one and a half years ago, for all this time we are working part time for a french company, because our income is low hardly enough to live on, we are considering starting a small campsite,to open for three or four months a year to top up our income, I have already applied for permission, 6 months ago but have not had any official reply, but have been told that it probably won't be a problem, as we have plenty of land, and a big enough fosse septique to accomodate extra toilets and showers, we are looking to have 6 emplacements only. Does anyone have any advise on what to do after we get permission, this is totaly new ground to me as I have never ran a businness, who do I need to register with, and do I have to pay social security payments in advance, even though I am already paying through the french company. Does anyone know where I can find out what is required for the camp site?
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