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Confused - how does it work?


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We have seen a number of different views on the issue of working in the UK and France depending upon the official residence.

How about this situation: Live and work self employed in the UK. Have a second home in France. Would like to work in France for some of the time as an extension of existing business dealings - building, plumbing and occasional removals, haulage. Can we register in France for a siret number and work occasionally in France as an extension of our main employment in the UK?

Any thoughts? Where would we find out more?

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Not confusing, simple really; If you are undertaking a regulated trade (building, but not haulage), you must set up a branch of your UK company in France, which will be given a SIRET and charged taxes & charges based on it's turnover.

The haulage side you can do from your UK business IIUC.

You will find that it is expensive to do this and you need to speak to a good accountant and the Chambre de Metiers.


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