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My son has just moved to France Cruese 23

In UK he had his own Tree Surgery business (now sold) He would like to work here but not keen to become self employed again

We have checked this Region and there are no Tree Surgeons around here

What i am wondering is - would it be worth registering for work and if so how

Thank you in advance for your answers


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Hi Clarin,

Just picked up your post. I'm in Creuse too and am a sort of ex tree surgeon/forester (when it suits me[:)]).

Your son will find it next to impossible to find paid work within an arb company (if there are any here), there are a few surgeons around but without a doubt there isn't the same demand as there is/was in the UK, the agricultural community tend to be profficient and have the access equipment to do what a climber would do. Maybe he could find an activity and work in the arb with it? I think MAFF are the folk to talk to but don't quote me.

I personally haven't registered for arb or forestry but do it anyway if the timber is interesting enough.

No easy answers I'm afraid but once he's got his feet on the ground things will become a little clearer.

By the way, if the person who emailed me about some trees just down the road from me reads this, could they pm me...my business email addy is down at the mo, I'm not hiding!

Cheers, Chris

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