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Hi I was thinking of taking a BSC (hons) in Podiatry  does anyone know if  I could practise in France  If have gained my degree.

If you qualify in the UK can you practise in France?

Does Podiaty in France work much the same way as the uk?


Advice would be appriciated as do not have clue,also thinking of moving to Vendee area or languadoc if any help[8-)]


Thanks Janine

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[quote user="Sharkster"]Not sure on this, I think anything medical or such you would need to have a recognised French qualification, plus a degree takes 3 years in the UK, so you would be better learning French and studying in France if possible.

I'm pretty sure that Sharkster is right, i.e. French qual, which presents all sorts of difficulties, not least speaking French colloquiolly (did I spell that right?).  Imagine some old dear with a raw Midi accent turning up in your consulting room and asking you to sort her foot problem. 

Having said that, something that's 'year-round' in terms of earning capability and which isn't in the catering business (sandwiches - too much competition for too little return), has to be the better option.

Remember, you need:

  • The necessary medical accreditation (whatever that is - there are threads on this sort of thing on here).  That might prove to be the problem, whatever you have in the UK.
  • Low cost premises (possibly in 2 locations - the one my OH uses, flits between 2) 
  • Local GP contacts who are prepared to refer (that's how we got put on to the one we use)

Best of luck!

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Thanks for your reply , appriciate your advice. It all soundslike a real nightmare . What do most rits do over there for a living apart from B&B which seems to have been done to exhaustion. Gite sounded a good option but I thought you needed at least six to make a living from it?


thanks again



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I have no knowledge of the B&B business, but there are plenty on here who know it inside out.

May I suggest a trawl through the many previous threads on the subject before you pose a specific question?  Nothing irritates people more than the "Is it possible to make a living from CdH somewhere in France, but I haven't decided where or how big a place yet" type of question.

Oh, and one other important point (and please don't take this as a hostile observation).

The sooner you accept that going in to business on your own will be a nightmare (as you put it), particularly in a foreign country much less your own, the sooner you'll be able to make a go of it and support your family. I doubt that it'll be easy - many will be able to confirm that.   

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