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Selling things I make?


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Hello there.

I'm just going through the process of buying a place in Norther France. It will be the only house I own but I work for a British organisation in the Antarctic for 6 months of the year and will be using the place in France as a hideaway spot for when I'm not working.

I make a lot of things from sculpture to musical instruments in my spare time and have sold quite a bit of stuff, I'd quite like to develop this a bit more with a little workshop with the view to selling the stuff I make. Is it possible to do this in France, do I need to be registered as anything? In the Uk I have commisions and make mainly sculptural furniture and objects as required but don't make a living from it as I only do it when I feel like it. The same would be true if I was doing it in France, would not be doing it to make a living, just the odd pieces here and there.

Any comments or advice would be much appreciated.


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