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Moving to France, taking over a Gite/B&B business and working as a Psychotherapist

Phil and Lesley

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   Good morning to you all...

Just come across this great forum after spending a small fortune on all the 'moving to France' books out there...

My wife and I are planning to move to France in August 2008 and hope you can answer at least some of our questions please....

Whilst my wife is a qualified psychotherapist, we are considering taking over a B&B/gite business to act as a ' financial safety net' whilst she gets her client base established.  Naturally this could lead to 101 different questions (!) but perhaps let's condense it to one...

Have you moved to France to take over a B&B/gite business and what advice could you give us please?

Of course the other question is Have any psychotherapists moved to France and how did you find getting clients?  Any advice for us?

To do my work I need a good ADSL connection which I understand is becoming more widespread all the time, but in the more rural areas (we are looking in the Poitou-Charentes region) is this a problem?  It's seemingly impossible to check without a telephone number and as we have not yet found a property, this is a little difficult!

Our last question is... If we want to look at an area that offers tranqulity perhaps in a good ex-pat community (for existing UK clients to come out on weekend/week-long breaks) plus a year long trade (sun in summer and walks/access to skiing/boarding in winter) where would be the better region to look at?

We would greatly appreciate any help or advice you could give us please?

Thanks very much

P&L [:D]

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Sorry, can't answer your questions but do look at the Chambre d'Hotes owners forum below - that may or may not put you off!! If you like doing lots of cleaning and laundry, and have folks tramping through your house daily/nightly demanding meals then you'll be OK!

Have to say though that if you want skiing and snow boarding, Poitou-Charentes is not for you! Try further south near the Pyrenees.

Good luck.
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