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new Gite regulation


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Déclarez vos chambres d'hôtes

Cinq chambres maximum, quinze personnes accueillies simultanément, voici les plafonds que devront dorénavant respecter les maisons d'hôtes.

Le secteur des chambres d'hôtes, jusqu'alors très peu encadré, fait désormais l'objet d'une réglementation précise (décret 2007-1173 publié au Journal Officiel du 4 août 2007). Les propriétaires de maison d'hôtes ont jusqu'à fin décembre pour déclarer leur activité en mairie. Ces déclarations devront préciser l'identité de l'habitant, son adresse, la capacité d'hébergement mais également les périodes de location. Tout changement devra faire l'objet d'une déclaration rectificative.

Ce texte marque une étape supplémentaire dans l'organisation du secteur des chambres d'hôtes qui occupe désormais une place bien définie aux côtés de l'hôtellerie et des locations meublées.

"Nul n'est censé ignorer la loi"
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That new legislation is all very well and I see that Chambres D'Hotes owners have until December 2007 to register (re-register?) with the Mairie - in conformity with the new law provisions. However the maximum number of rooms previously was 6 - having been increased earlier from 5. (Over 6 bedrooms put one into the realm of hotel which had other H&S regulations). The consequence is not particularly clear. The Tourist Office has advised that although for this year a 6 bedroom establishment is listed in Chambres D'Hotes, from next year it will have to be under  'Autres Hebergements'. That would seem to imply that an establishment with 6 bedrooms could continue to operate, although not classified as a Chambres D'Hotes (though presumably it could still be referred to as a 'B&B' in English!). It would also seem that as it will not be classified as a C D'H, re-registration with the Mairie would not be required! The term 'autres hebergements' is a catch-all, and not very marketing friendly. Particularly, the concept of a 'catered ski chalet' in winter seems not to be properly understood by the French and they seem unwilling to include such a classification on Tourist Office websites, despite the fact that it provides a significant contribution to the economy.

Anyone any thoughts?

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It seems that there is a form that is issued to those who visit there mayor to register. I got mine yesterday and it gives a selection of box's to tick against a description which are as follows.

Chambres d'hote

Gite ou centre equestre

Gite d'etap

Gite communal ou intercommunal

Gite de groupe

Gite d'enfants

Seems to me it's both Gites and B&B's who need to register. Perhaps the decret that was found  for CDH may be one of two decret's and there is another somewhere for gites which has not been located by any of our members yet. If you are a Gite owner it might pay to visit the mayor just to check and be on the safe side. I must admit we live in what I would call 'sleepy hollow' yet my mayor was on the ball with this one.

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