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I have recently arrived in France and am an artist (painter) seeking to establish myself here. If anyone has experience of registering within the french system as an artist (not artisan) I would appreciate your comments and advice. I live in the Tarn, near Mazamet and would also be interested in knowledge and advice on galleries, exhibitions and other opportunities. I would also be delighted to correspond with other artists in the area (or elsewhere).

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These are the people you need to register with...


It's easy enough from what I remember - I'm sure there's a form online.

Then they'll send you a form to fill out once a year, you can only fill it in once you've had your tax form cos you have to send a copy of it. We were unsure the first year so went to the tax office and they were very helpful (tho not very used to deaing with artists!)

It's my partner who registered and unfortunately being an artist in France doesn't pay the bills....
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[quote user="raindog"][quote user="Verdigris"]Be wary of a n other forum member (artist) offering possible advice by pm, and then asking for money for for the advice.  [/quote]
Crikey! Tell us who it is verdigris......


Well that would wading in with a great big spoon, and I'm not going to do that! [;-)]

I only mentioned it as I didn't want the OP to think it was common practice.


France is very supportive of artists and expos in general, as far as I can see. I think the vernissages help a bit!! [:D]

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