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Starting up an Internet Sales Company


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Just looking for a bit of advice. I currently work in the UK and commute from France back and forward when needs be.

I'm thinking of setting up an Internet site selling jewellery, ties, bags, scarf’s - accessories really and wanted to start trying it out now before I move permanently to France as I'll will need some sort of income to live on.

Firstly, wanted to know what people though about my idea, do you think the French would be keen on buying things like that or should I look at something else?

Also, does anyone know about tax, what are the allowances, and to pay etc?

I don't want to be on the wrong side of the law but I’m really a beginner with all things like this!

Thanks for looking - all comments greatly appreciated!

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[quote user="Cathy"]

Welcome to the Forum.  I've noticed that no one has replied so I'm bumping it back up so that you may get someone answering.



 What would happen if every other post counter bumped every other post up the top or answered "I don't know the answer but I'm sure somebody will soon?"  If you really want to take on the job of Forum Monitor, do the job properly and go to "unanswered" there are another 1000 posts unanswered and quite a few that haven't,  like this one,  been asked 100 times before or by somebody who changes her status by the week[:@].

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Oh dear, Ron, I have caught you in a bad mood?

I read the post (in the unanswered section) and thought it seems like one that someone would answer as it is interesting.  Not everyone knows how to search previous posts.  I certainly didn't when I first same into this Forum.  I asked how to register my car (probably asked a hundred times before, I now realise), Sunday Driver answered and not with "Search the Forum" but with a fulsome reply that lead me to registering my car.

I thought that I was doing the original poster a good turn.  I woudn't mind reading the answer.

Why be so aggressive?


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Thats what I thought, when i was at university in Bordeaux, they only had one room for computers and internet, unlike my home university which had around 50 rooms!

I suppose I could always give it a go and if all fails, start looking into something else...!

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If you know the scarfs, ties and jewellry market Hollie, then an internet business is a great idea.  My two cents:

  • Develop a tight niche - become the worlds online expert in something ("Accessories" is too broad a subject) ... errr, how about "French hand painted silk", or whatever is your real passion. You can always expand later once your site is getting found.
  • Get some good advice on building a site that doesn't just look swish - but gets you traffic (traffic is the key ... and content (and links) drive traffic, not whizzbang technology).
  • Once you have traffic you can make money in other ways than just selling your products: GoogleAds, affiliate schemes, downloadable e-books/workbooks (on "Silk Painting for Beginners"?) etc These will keep earning you income while you sleep.[:)]
  • The world is your oyster not just France - I get people from over 70 different countries avery month to my Winston Churchill site. (A hobby site I wrote ages ago that continues to earn me an income with no additional work by the way [:)] turning my Churchill trivia filled brain into cash!) 

Best of luck!

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