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Drywall work in Vendee region??


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I am thinking of going over to stay with my inlaws in the Vendee and was wondering if you could tell me if there is much work for dryliners out in France.

Thanks to anyone that replies and I look forward to talking to you all on here.



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Speaking as someone who lives in the Uk and has a hell of a job finding anyone French to do building work the simple answer to your question is, yes, there is a lot of work that you could pick up in France. Virtually anyone who is doing a renovation would require drylining (I assume you are referring to metal framed studwork - I am not a builder!). I do for one, and will probably end up doing it myself!

However, as you may have gathered from reading the multitude of posts on the topic of getting work in France, the complete answer is not 'yes, there is work', it is 'if you are going to work in France then bear in mind the following..'.

In short, you cannot simply appear in France, advertise your services, and do jobs. It doesn't work that way. You MUST be registered. That means paperwork and lots of it, you MUST be insured, and you MUST pay your taxes, again lots of it. You don't mention whether you are taking an extended holiday in France or moving permanently. If its a holiday, then your idea is a non-starter. If you are living there as a resident then in order to start work you have to complete the paperwork first.

If you undertake work without registration then not only will you suffer the indignity of a spell in the cells, whoever hired you gets to be your room mate too. Unlike the UK, working on the black is an absolute minefield and if a local tradesman who is paying his taxes spots you then he will report you. The penalties are draconian, France takes it taxes very seriously. That is not to say that no one works on the black, they do. They know the risks, and take them.

The 'safest' way to work would be to stay with your inlaws, get to know local English folk who need work doing, and offer to assist them on a 'showing a friend how to do drylining basis'. If they decide to bung you a few Euro's in cash for your time and inconvenience then in all honesty no one is to know. You could only do this with people that you know and trust though, and expect a nosey neighbour to report suspicious activity. Whoever you are helping would need to be absolutely trusted, not only to not to report you, but to pay you. If they didn't pay you then you have absolutely no comeback whatsoever! It would also mean that they had done nothing illegally.

Sorry if this puts a damper on your plans, but you will find that this question is raised almost daily, and if it was that easy...everyone would be nipping over to do odd jobs in the sun!







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I used a French dry liner working during his holiday to do my taping and jointing, I tried very hard for over a year to get prices from French artisans and only got one stupid devi which I genuinely thought must have been in Francs, the others just didnt turn up.

This chap was still expensive (roughly twice the going black rate) but crucially he had the permission of his patron and his finishing was excellent compared to the other jobs that I had inspected.

Interesting about non payment, I supplied all the materials and used him for labour only but he was insistent on 50% up front and cited previous non payment as the reason, we reached a compromise in the end.

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