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singer guitarist looking for work


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Hi, I posted a question yesterday but it was taken off quickly, saying it was in the wrong section, so here goes again. I am an experienced musician living near Gouzon in Creuse and am looking for gigs in the area. Does anyone have any contacts or know anyone that may be interested?

Thank you Twinkle for the orchestra website, it looks like a useful place to put an ad.

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Hi lenny!

I had a peep at the website which is very popular down this way and noticed the lack of offers for your region.  Then I found this which is a website for musicians in your own town.  I tapped in Gueret (Creuse) for example and came up with this.


Does your French stretch to reading or posting an advert - if not feel free to put one up here and one of us clever clogs will translate it for you[:)]  By the way - good singer guitarists are like gold dust in France and are never out of work for long.  Good luck!

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