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confused about tax and social contribution


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Im wondering if someone can give me some advice. Im going to be moving to france to work.

Ive been trying to work out how much money ill be earning after allowing for tax and social contributions.

can anyone give me a guidline percentage of what i should deduct from my gross salary? (eg in uk id deduct approx 28% to work out how much i actually take home!).

Am i right in thinking social contributions are deducted from my salary before i get it and that tax isnt? (i have to pay that at the end of the financial year) I just want to know how much i need to allow....

any plain speaking advice welcome...


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If you are in proper French salaried employment your social charges will be deducted from your salary, and amount to, very roughly, 20%. Income tax is paid in the following year (with, quite likely, some paid on account during the current year once you get into the system). How much tax you pay depends on so many variables - how many in your household, other sources of income, your own expenses, etc etc, that it is impossible to give an estimate. But unless you are a high earner, if you allow a further 20% that should be more than adequate. On the other hand, there may be no tax payable at all.
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