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nik stevenson

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Hi folks

I'm a French-speaking (took a degree, used to be fluent, bit rusty now), qualified teacher with 10 years' experience of teaching a variety of subjects in the UK and one year's experience teaching English in a French state school. I'm interested in moving to France at some point in the next 5 years, and am hoping to find work either teaching English in a regular French high school, or in my specialist area - for the last 6 years I have managed several projects for English students who are permanently excluded from state schools as a result of emotional/behavioural difficulties. I'm interested in finding out: a. is it impossible to get work teaching English in French state school b. if not, what qualifications do I need and where do I find out more? and c. do French state schools run anything similar to our Behaviour Support Units or Pupil Referral Units, where I might get the kind of work I've been doing recently? What I really don't want to do is teach TEFL - been there, done that - I want to move with my husband and our little boy to a French town or small city and live and work amongst French people, earning a decent salary. Any ideas??

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Welcome to the forum [:)]

Teaching has been discussed recently and you could start with these threads:



As far a "earning a decent salary" is concerned, that's another matter altogether!

This page should give you a starting point: http://costkiller.net/salaires/metier/couts-salaires-remuneration-Professeur-de-lycee-college.htm

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hi, sounds like a worthy job your doing.  I know from personal experience of the centre department that there are a great many ex-pats needing french lessons and that would pay more than the state (our french tutor has just gone solo).  But if its job security and mortgage ability (not to mention pension and health care benefits) you are looking for then school work is great.  Our french tutor has taught english in french schools and she says they are always looking for good teachers.

Good luck and i hope you can find what your looking for.



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