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Advice from Chambre de Metiers re Decennial Insurance


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Dear All,

I've put this question in the Pools section as well as I'm not sure where it would be best placed - hope that's allowed!  Sorry if it isn't.  My husband and I are preparing to start a swimming pool maintenance company and visited the Chambre de Metiers yesterday for some advice.  We won't be installing pools, merely cleaning them, wintering them etc., dealing with any pump problems etc.  The chap at the C. de M. says that we need the decennial (apologies if misspelt!) insurance even though we're not installing the pools.  I thought the decennial insurance was like a 10 year guarantee on building work etc. but he reckons that you need it for anything to do with water.  I can't see what we're guaranteeing for 10 years if we're doing cleaning, maintenance etc. - how can we guarantee that for 10 years?

Has anybody else come across the same advice?  Is it accurate?

We're going to go and see our insurance broker and see what she says but would welcome any feedback.  Thanks!

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