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Is there an English translation of Cotisations and Social Security charges, please?


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My friend is self-employed and has applied for a carte vitale (not yet received) but has had lots of debits against her bank account, various cotisations, 'dossier familiale', etc., which seem to be related to social contributions and perhaps a contribution to her future pension.  She has a local account - as she was advised to use 'local' accountants as they understand the various allowances and workings within that particular region.  The accountant doesn't speak English, and my friend doesn't speak much French, but the accountant had taken all my friend's book-keeping and made the application for the carte vitale, so my friend needs to go back to her and try to work out what she has been charged for and why.

Her circumstances are that she works from home, is single, with no dependents (so why the 'dossier familiale' charges?) and buys and sells brocante.

However, before trying to get to grips with discussing this issue in French, is there any website in English where one can translate the various cotisations and debits into English, so she can understand what she is paying for?  We know that social charges are high, but some of the amounts that have been debited are fairly exorbitant.

Next question - obviously she needs to change her accountant but does anyone know of an English-speaking accountant in the Indre (36)?  I shall post this particularly question in the 'Central France' category as well, but any information will be much appreciated.

Thank you all in advance.

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I posted a question a few weeks back asking what the debit from my account was for dossier familiale, it turned out to be a magazine from Credit Agricole bank that you sign for when you open your account, i never knew this and have been paying for almost a year for a mag, that i have just flung in the bin. I still have not got around to going into the bank to cancel it!

They also take another charge for your bank account, both come upto about 16euros.


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