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registering as artist and the MDA


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Hi all, New to this forum and have a couple of questions re registering as an artiste, On friday last week I attempted to speak with a person at our local maison des impots, I told the chap there I wanted to register as an artiste and the MDA, he gave me the forms to fill in "creation de enterprise" which I did, he suggested registering for a micro BNC, regime special BNC. so that has been done, nothing was said at the time about needing any letters or approval from MDA.  I have downloaded the form from la maison des artistes website and filled the necessary details on that, they require an facture for your first sale and your social security number.

Over the weekend I have read that I should have registered with the MDA first, then the hotel des impots.....I now have a sinking feeling I may have messed things up though on further reading I understand MDA only actually become involved once you reach a certain annual turnover of around 6000 euro or more.

It would be most helpful if someone could verify a few things for me and hopefully tell me it's ok and not to worry, believe me I have been looking at registering for what seems ages and needed to bite the bullet.

I know on this forum there has been mention of this process before so hopefully somebody out there will know...

Also, are there any working artistes out there who can give me an idea of the costisations, can these be made via the MDA or will it be via URSSAF.......?

Hope my post makes sense but my artistic abilty does not run to accountancy and costisations, some simple advice would be most appreciated, the main thing being...will I or won't I be able to register with the MDA now that my application for a micro BNC already submitted...

Regards artybob

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