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19yo on Gap year


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My daughter is 19 and having en unexpected Gap Year as she missed some IB exams in May (Hospitalised) and has had to sit them this week.  I have an E121 and she has her own a carte vital with the same number as mine.  At her latest blood test they said that her card had 'expired' as she is over 18 and she would need one of her own.  We had a letter from CPAM asking for a certificate of scholarity for 2008/9 which of course we do not have as she isn't going to Uni until Sept 2009 as she had to defer her place.  Just to complicate matters further she is planning to work for 5 months in the French Alps with her boyfriend who hasn't lived in France before.

On our last French tax return she was  a dependent child, and still is for only part of 2008.   Does anyone know a) what we need to do about the Carte Vital situation and b) Does she/he need to register for work and get her own Social Security number or is that automatic by the employer? c) Does she still go on our tax return with her wages included or does she need her own?

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