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where to Find Rules -working with children.

milkeybar kid

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A French lady was very distressed after having read the particular information that I was sent re - English people offering their numerous  services at a price, ranging from tree felling to teaching people to play a musical instrument.

The particular advert read of a man offering to teach piano lessons to adults or children this  is what brought on her genuine distress  - as I understood - I ask to be corrected here- she said, that under no circumstances without proper "vetting" would the man be allowed to teach children , (of course I would presume he needs special diplomas of music anyway) also what worried me was ( if I had understood) she insisted that whoever was responsible for the information being sent out in the first place would also face a severe prosecution/penalty should it ever be proven (aiding and abbeting I suppose!)that  a child might  have been interfered with. She went on to say that heavier penalties were being introduced and much stricter regulations and code to follow.Please, has anyone more information on this with for eg : a link to rules referring to working with children ( I would presume its as strict as with the UK) - I have passed verbally the conversation I have had but would like to pass on the more factual info, as the free newsletter that many English  receive in this area is done with the best of intent. Yes, I am also wondering if a lot of the adverts are people just earing a bit on the side, which of course would have its own consequences. A link from someone would be much appreciated- thank you .My French or lack of it prohibits a good govermental search- sorry. Milkey.

 Edited - to read - "a proper check on his his history/ background" rather than vetting!![:$] and Where to find rules??

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