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Working as an employee and self employed


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Has any one experience of working as an employee and being self employed at the same time.  I am wondering how my cotisations will be affected I currently pay about 25% of my gross income (for the micro) in cotisations and tax.


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Do you mean that you will be salaried or that you will bill the employer for your time?

If you are an employee and salaried, then the employer will have to pay cotisations for employing you, and you will pay cotisations as well, even if you are on SMIC. However if you are self employed and you bill him or her for your hours worked, then the cotisations are your responsibilty and it will be cheaper for the "employer"

As far as I am aware, the tax side is still down to you, when I was salaried, there was no deduction of tax on my payslip, just cotisations to URSSAF etc. 

I stand to be corrected on this if anyone knows different.


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