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I have recently started part time employment here in France and am paid monthly. I was interested to see on the monthly payslip that all the deductions are itemised.

My issue is that my French is not up to knowing what the deductions mean in English! Some are obvious, others are not.

Does anyone know of a website I can look at that will give me an idea of what they all are. I'm not trying to get out of paying them, I'm just curious to know where the deductions are going.

I've put the details in a web translator with little, or no success.

Regards - Tim

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Basically they are payments for health, accident, old age, pensions etc and contributions to prop up the ailing French social security system (heavily in debt), made to various collection agencies with unpronouncable names, depending on which area you work in. You could ask your employer for clarification, as he/she is paying the lions share.

Hope this helps,

Peter-Danton de ROUFFIGNAC MA LLM www.francemediterraneanproperty.com

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