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setting up a business in France???


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Hi all,

New to tis forum so here goes.

I have read about how hard it is to start a business in France, and how you must be a trained pro in your chosen line of work, but if you have no qualifications in your field, but have been running your business, ie landscaping, etc in the UK for a year or so, does that enable you to start up in France?

Thank you.
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Some trades are more controlled than others. I'm not sure where landscaping fits into this.

For most controlled trades (plumber, decorator ...) you need either a formal qualification that you can convince the French authorities to accept or to prove that you were working/trading in that field for a certain time in the UK. I think 3 years is a common requirement.

By the way, 'landscaping' is a bit vague to me because I don't know if you mean a modern Capability Brown or a guy who lays paths. When it comes to registering it might make a difference.

I lifted the following list from a government Web site and I can't see any mention of things relating to landscaping

Liste relative aux métiers entrant dans le champ des activités soumises à qualification professionnelle mentionnées au I de l’article 16 de la loi du 5 juillet 1996 et dans la loi no 46-1173 du 23 mai 1946

 I. - Entretien et réparation des véhicules et des machines : réparateur d’automobiles, carrossier, réparateur de cycles et motocycles, réparateur de matériels agricoles, forestiers et de travaux publics.

II. - Construction, entretien et réparation des bâtiments : métiers de gros oeuvre, de second oeuvre et de finition du bâtiment.

III. - Mise en place, entretien et réparation des réseaux et des équipements utilisant les fluides ainsi que des matériels et équipements destinés à l’alimentation en gaz, au chauffage des immeubles et aux installations électriques : plombier, chauffagiste, électricien, climaticien et installateur de réseaux d’eau, de gaz ou d’électricité.

IV. - Ramonage : ramoneur.

V. - Soins esthétiques à la personne autres que médicaux et paramédicaux et modelages esthétiques de confort sans finalité médicale : esthéticien.

VI. - Réalisation de prothèses dentaires : prothésiste dentaire.

VII. - Préparation ou fabrication de produits frais de boulangerie, pâtisserie, boucherie, charcuterie et poissonnerie, préparation ou fabrication de glaces alimentaires artisanales : boulanger, pâtissier, boucher, charcutier, poissonnier et glacier.

VIII. - Activité de maréchal-ferrant : maréchal-ferrant.

IX. - Coiffure.

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Hi Smudger 1,

Just a bit of information, a good friend of mine was an experienced panel beater in the U.K. but was also a "none trained" gardener out of a very keen interest and self taught knowledge, when he early retired to france he set up his gardening business through all the correct channels (i.e. attended the 2 week course and got his siret number as required.)

He set up the registered business without the need for "qualifications" and it has been a roaring success, most of his work has come via the local maire and also by word of mouth, he does general domestic garden projects but also much larger landscaping in local chateau's. Just thought i'd let you know his experience, hope it's of use to you.


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