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Company stamp requirements?


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I need to have a stamp made up for my business, as I'm getting

tired of the "obviously, you're not serious" look in situations where I

should pull out my self-inking stamp to make a document official when I

sign it. 

I've looked at several stamps from different French

enterprises who have used them on devis and factures to me - are there

any specific requirements for what's included in the information on the

stamp?  From what I've seen, there's the obvious company name and

address, and an RCS number, which I don't have as I don't employ anyone

(at least that's what I think the RCS number means - correct me,

please!).  There's an indication as to the type of business, but one

SARL has its capitalization amount, the other doesn't.  I was thinking

of putting my SIRET number on there, but maybe I shouldn't.  So, I'm

confused, but it's not the first time!
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