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Buying UK business and moving it to France


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I am considering buying a UK business and then re setting it up over here.

It is a sales business turning over around £100,000 pa. and therefore it is not a profession that needs 'qualifications'

Can anyone tell me how difficult this will be to achieve please.

I would like to know all the paperwork I would be likely to need.

What would be the costs incurred to

1. Set it up

2. Pay taxes, coitisations etc, particularly in the first years

The business does not generate a large profit but would be sufficient to cover living costs IF charges are not too high.

Any advice would be most welcome, I know this is a big ask !

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I'd suggest you start by looking at the various videos available here:


Lisa's pretty good on this sort of thing. Before she started giving stuff away I paid her for some personalised projections for various turnovers and business types. The figures helped me to make similar decisions to yours.

One thing that puzzles me is why you would want to buy a UK sales operation and move it to France.If it's mail order to mostly UK customers I'd have thought that French postage costs might be a significant issue, depending on average order value.

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