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Where to find the Chambre de Commerce, Chambre de Metiers and URSSAF


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So I telephoned both Chambre de Commerce and URSSAF.  It was good to have the vocabulary, Cerise, and the telephone numbers, BJ.

Guess what?   Neither of them venture out of Bordeaux.  They offered profuse apologies but they have no budget for it any longer.  So we have to drive a round trip of 3 hours to sort out our businesses.  No wonder our area has high unemployment.  Our mairie spends thousands of euros on firework displays but none on helping set up local businesses.

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Here are some maps to find local help all across France

- Chambre de Metiers (crafts, building work - artisans)

- Chamber of Commerce (trade, B&B, gites, limited companies) http://www.cci.fr/recherche_cci

- URSSAF (intellectual based services - professions liberales ) small english section http://www.anglais.urssaf.fr/

- also try Boutique de Gestion, they have business advisors that cover crafts, trade, services.http://www.boutiques-de-gestion.com/implant/cart.htm
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