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Auto entrepreneur and paying online


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Hello, I registered with autoentrepreneur in March and have just recently received my form to apply for a new carte vitale. However when I go online and try to pay, they accept all my details and take me to a page with the header

. I cannot then find the route to arrive on the payment page. We have phoned several times and been told to wait, but will I be told when I can start paying.

Any advice will help,


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Is this with net-entreprises?

If so, I had the same problem on trying to make my 4th quarterly declaration. I cut and pasted the offending page to an email and sent it to the online helpline who told me that there was apparently a glitch in the system. It took them a couple of weeks to sort it, but I was able to declare earlier this week.

I don't think you are alone.

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This is what I get on the second page

JUDITH *******


*********JUDITH - ****************

Cliquez sur le lien correspondant à la déclaration à laquelle vous souhaitez accéder.


gérer vos données personnelles (adresse mél, mot de passe…) et, selon

votre profil, gérer les inscriptions, les coordonnées bancaires… allez

sur votre menu personnalisé à l’aide du bouton situé en bas de page.


Déclaration de l’auto-entrepreneur

Déclaration de chiffre d’affaires régime micro-social simplifié

 Obviously I've taken out my personal details.

Hope that helps. If not, please try what I suggested - it certainly worked for me.

Good luck

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Just a thought, it could be that as you registered in March and haven't declared until now, when perhaps you should have declared in April, July, October and January, the service is not able to accept you.

Can you cut and paste it onto here?

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I have been in constant communication by telephone with RSI since my first declarations were due in June.  Every time we were told that they are behind with registrations and that we were in the system. Jjust recently I have received the form to apply for a new carte vitale.

My landingpage  is below. Thanks for the replies




Bienvenue sur votre menu personnalisé :

Vos informations personnelles

Mél  : 

Téléphone  :


Modifier vos coordonnées


Modifier vos données d'authentification


Résilier votre inscription à net-entreprises

Le compte de votre établissement


Gérer les inscriptions

Les inscriptions de votre entreprise


Consulter l´historique des inscriptions

Vos messages d´information


Consulter vos messages d'information

0 message(s) dont 0 non lu(s)


Vous désabonner au service de messages d'information

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We decided to telephone RSI again and, hey voila, we are on their system but they are waiting for the final piece of the jigsaw puzzle and then we will be able to pay online.  I quote "it's not your fault, the fault is this end" So once again we wait.  For anyone with the same problem and needing reassurance, the number to phone is 0821 74 26 26.

Thank you to those who replied to this thread, it was much appreciated.

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