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Auto Entrepreneur good or bad?


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We have been operating our gites for 4 years now and have paid our cotisations as per standard for our business. We had to see a nice RSI woman today about some cotisation bits that are stll not right after 4 years!! Anyway my wife got talking to her about what we were paying etc and she said I think you would be better going down the 'Auto Entrepreneur' route and we were a bit like where's the catch but she took our earnings for last year and said right as you are on a Micro bic tax regime this is the amount they take as your earnings which they base your cotisation payments against and 'Wow' what a saving we could make against what we are paying at the moment, of course if our earnings go down the saving is not as good. If you only earn about €8,000 say then you are better paying the cotisations the normal route but on what we earn which is not a massive amount we would be so much better off as it is only 12% of what you earn in every quarter.

Does anyone else have anything tyo add on this. Are other people finding that the cotisations they pay are very much lower on AE than they may have been paying before.

I also asked her if AE was stopping as some people seem to be thinking she said no as far as she knew but they can stop and start other things if the government want to but she said they had no word it was happening so we took the AE form to start in December as we would be mad not to.
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