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Hello everyone!

We're new here and i've seen some interesting post's, so i thought we could find some advice here, too.

My wife and i want to leave austria anytime soon, and she opened a fresh buisness as a stallholder. We have some solid partner's for our fair trade clothing (sort of hippie/ethnic style) we want to sell largely. Now we need an idea how to find the right places to sell our wares. Are there guidelines where you can sell clothing and where not? is there an institution who points out a list of markets?

Here we have an department in every city administration for stallholders.

I've read here that most of the good markets are fully booked about six month before. And that there is some sort of consultation and a fee for artisan's to get a licence. Is there something else for commercial trader's?

Does anyone know about some smaller local events or markets we could give a try?

By the way, target location would be the south, around Nizza/Montpellier/Toulouse.

Sorry to riddle you with so many questions, but as i said, we're new to this and would really appreciate some first step advice's

Thanks in advance, and best wishes

Raphael & Birgit
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