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Mint.....Do you like Fish & Ships ?


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You are right, food can be snobbish, but it isn't always in France.

The poorest seem to get money together for luxury items of food for the fetes, and no one would imagine that they were being other than 'fete'ing' like everyone else.

And yet, I have heard comments about how others eat, which is derogatory too. Me, well, I was just considered very odd, what with eating soup at lunch time, or pancakes, or sandwiches or poached eggs, but les anglais are known for eating la mer de anyway, or so I was frequently told.

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[quote user="lindal1000"]There's already a fish and chip van operating in the South of the Dordogne. It parks outside the local bar on Thursday nights and does quite well by all accounts. I've never tried it because like Mint I rarely used to eat it in UK. The van's been around for several years but it's gone through several different owners.[/quote]

Linda it could well be there has been so many different owners as they have all made their fortune in a very short time and retired.

You are in the wrong business.
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