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Employment for under 18's?

Daft Doctor

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Hi, my son is in his last year at lycée, and will finish his BAC next summer. He has a December birthday however, so will be 17 and a half when he finishes. As he doesn't yet know which career path he wants to take, and whether or not he wants to go to Uni in France or in the UK, he plans to work for a year locally, then decide as the teenage mist starts to lift......

The problem is that we have found that even for temporary supermarket jobs at evenings and weekends, they all stipulate a minimum age of 18, and although I'm not sure that it's true, some say the law doesn't permit young people to work below that age??

I just wondered if there is anyone out there who knows if the age limit of 18 for employment is a popular myth and simply self imposed by companies and businesses, or whether it is indeed a legal restriction? Secondly, if he can't work for at least 6 months after finishing lycée on account of his young age, is there any entitlement to some form of unemployment or other benefit for him. It seems ridiculous that he can legally finish school with his BAC, yet can neither legally work nor claim any financial support from anywhere. Any insight or advice would be much appreciated.....
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To get the RSA on the other hand he has to be 18 and have worked...it used to be 25

in a way it's part of the French idea by which Parents Support their children and can't disinherit them, yet at the same time children can inherit their parents debt all responsible for them in their old age

I generalise of course

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One has to have worked quite a bit to get unemployment benefit. Cannot remember how many weeks, but quite some time.

As NH says, parents used to have to support their kids until they were 25 and it has been known for kids to sue their parents for support.

And as NH said, it works both ways....... and as he said, one has to generalise about this!

Kids who are thrown out and have no income and cannot sue poor parents do have some sort of 'recours' now and can get help. And about time too, lots used to beg... it was awful.

So no, nothing for your son, you will be expected to keep him.

edit, posted before I meant to. Maybe voluntary work???? if he wants to be occupied?????

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