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Signing the Devis


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We are about to start work on our house!!

The devis has arrived and we are checking through them. We have been asked to sign them (4) and return them to the Mason.

A question – When we sign and return the devis, are we obligated to have ALL the work done that is listed in the devis?

Your advice would be appreciated.

Thanks Robert

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I had this with the devis for the electric work on my previous house. I was happy to do some of the grunt work myself, and other items I didn't need (cables laying to the gate for a buzzer, for example). I simply scored through the items I didn't want doing, initialled the alteration and retotalled each page, initialling the page total, and the same at the end.

If the stuff you do want doing is interleaved with the stuff you don't, then you'll have to make sure you are both clear as to who does what and when.

If you sign a devis then the artisan is obliged to do the work to the best of his ability at the cost indicated (unless there are conditions specified) subject - as I understand it -to force majeure. (?)  For example, if you ask a builder to pour you a concrete floor and he quotes you a price on the devis. However as he breaks up the existing floor he finds it covering a mineshaft 50' deep. You couldn't, in these circumstances expect him to do the job at the original price.

Also, if - having signed it - you decide to cancel the job altogether, then the artisan is entitled to recompense for loss of work and materials purchased for your job. In practice, most will be happy (given sufficient notice) to put a job 'on hold' for a bit if you run out of money.

Of course, speaking with the boot on the other foot, there are artisans who - having extracted a signed devis from you - get back in their van and are never seen again!




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It's bet to get a new one drawn up including only the work you want done - a poorer second best would be to delete the ones you don't want and BOTH parties to sign against the crossed out items and against the amended price at the bottom.

By the way, have you got a forchette?

That is, a clause stating the time span for the works to be carried out?  Round our way they are pretty much a must these days, and will give you and the artisan a clearer idea of when the work will be done!  Penalties come into play if time starts ticking away...

Good luck!

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