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how to object?


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I won`t put in too much detail.

I have a hunch that a near neighbour is going to apply for permission to build on land next to my house.

I have been in the Maires ofice, looked on the notice board with official looking forms..Permis de Constuire/travaux and objections.(there is nothing there today that concerns ourselves)  But how do I know if someone has put in permission,? do I have to be pretty sharp and is there a deadline and how do I object. Mrs O

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[quote]As I said ,I won`t go into too much detail, suffice it to say that I don`t think I would get a streight answer out of this person. Mrs O[/quote]

Good grief, do you live next to Tony Blair?

Seriously, I'd be inclined to ASK at the mairie if anything has been put in If it affects your property, you have the right to know.


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