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How long does it take?


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I know there are several builders on this forum and hope this question is not too stupid. How long does it take to built an extension of about 30 square meters (not counting the roof) just doing the ground work and building up the blocks? Thanks you.
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1) Marking out and Digging foundations shouldn’t take more than a day on a house size 80 m2 ground floor level (yours is likely to be smaller, so it’s still a day)

2) Pouring the concrete for the foundations (ready mix) one day (hand mix) 2 or more days depending on size. Saving the cost of buying ready mix can cost you much more in labour on a sizable job.

3) Brick layer should be able to do 80/100 bricks an hour (allow time for starting, funny bits and cleaning up), If you work on these numbers it should help you work the rest out. If you want more accrete help, I would need to see pictures of where the extension is going and the drawings of what is to be built.

there are other parts of the job which can take time or hold things up, but again your question is not clear, I need more details

Hope this helps



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