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Getting Quotes for building work


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I do apologise, I'm very new to this and have had it kindly pointed out that I forgot to put the region of France relating to my enquiry. I am heading for the Limousin, primarily the Haute Vienne......


Does anyone know of any builders or architects who are willing to do fairly short notice quotes for work?

We are off to France in 2 weeks on a 1 week whistle stop/viewing packed trip, to hopefully find a property to buy.  We have 6 days crammed full with estate agents and property viewings - and at the end of it all we hope to have found our dream place and put an offer in!!!

Without doubt there will be properties that we will need further info about before being able to put an offer in, i.e. cost for new roof, rendering, structural work etc, so will need to be able to call on someone, probably within a day's notice, to come and give us a quote for the necessary work.

Can anyone help?

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Round me (72) builders, plumbers, roofers, etc. tend to come round pretty quickly (couple of days) but getting a quote is quite a challenge. Used to think it was me, changed my soap and everything (then I found everybody has the same problem). However, even with those I know quite well now and have a good laugh with, still takes forever and a lot of chasing-up.

Once having managed to get a quote and saying yes it can be even harder to get them to actually do the work.


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