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helped needed with permis de construire


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We submitted a permis de construire to turn a  small barn on our property into a habitable dwelling - the only exterior changes 2 velux and inside addition of a bathroom and separation of loft area into one bedroom and bathroom (the barn had been 'lived in ' for many years before we bought it and we 'lived' downstairs in it for a good new months too ). It has a cu.

We've had to leave our property due to finding work elsewhere in France but still intend to go ahead with the work thats required there. Unfortunately we had to depart at short notice just after we got a letter to say 'dossier incomplet' - nothing too scary is in the list but i need someone to translate to make sure we do it properly this time then to send the additional with a covering letter , follow up with a phone call and general chase and stay on top of the process. Someone registered as a translator would be good so we could pay you on this basis but it would  help if it were someone with an interest in renovation. I need someone asap as we're going back to the property on a flying visit weekend after next and i would like to ensure before we go, that while we are there we obtain the right info (take the right additional photos etc.). I would guess the whole thing would be about 4 hours work only but it could lead to more.

Pls email me if you can help

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My own language skills would be totally inadequate. However, although unsure of your area or if you require somebody local, there are several translation services advertised at:


Sorry, it’s a long URL and will need to be cut ansd pasted into a single line, etc. However, somebody there might be able to help


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