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I have had an old property for the past seven years which has an ancient shower, hot water being provided by the chauffe-eau.We do not have a bath. I recently installed in a nearby toilet a handbasin which obviously necessitated breaking into the existing piping for the hot and cold connections.

Since I have installed this washbasin I have been experiencing stinging sensations whenever I touch the shower controls and the water is flowing, which, at times, are quite strong.

The thought occured to me that this could be static electricity. Nowhere in the property are the pipes crossbonded, the main water pipe into the house being of thick black plastic and then teed off to copper.

If this is the case how do I cross bond, does this mean using the proper connectors from one pipe to another and then connecting to an earth connection somewhere or can I just connect straight into the wall.

I am not really fully conversant with this problem and would welcome any suggestions

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Oh dear.

This ain't static. Static electricity relies on dry conditions - not in your bathroom. This is mains electricity leakage.

First, with or without earth bonding (which is mandatory), you should not get mains on the plumbing! Something else (an appliance with water, such as a washing machine) to cause the problem in the first place. FIX IT BEFORE IT KILLS YOU - melodramatic perhaps, but there are reasons why electrical installations in bathrooms etc are closely controlled.

CALL AN ELECTRICIAN! He will be able to disgnose the problem. Ask him to check if you have a suitable Interrupteur Differential on your incoming mains supply (30mA Classe AC?). Get him to install appropriate bonding from the plumbing to the mains earth & to check that the mains earth is up to scratch.

Where are you, as I can probably find you an Electrician, if you are close enough. Assuming you are still alive, of course.....


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