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Architect wanted Mont de Marsan area


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Can anyone recommend an architect in the Landes/Gers, who can help plan a renovation project on our 300 year old farm house near Mont de Marsan.

We have had one quote for premilinary plans, from a local architect, which seems ridiculously high - 3000 Euros +.

Any suggestions gratefully received. 

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Local to you in the Gers and have just gone through the planning permission loop with a similar property - Our total costs were Euro 4673 which included lots of detailed drawings (before and after) , Planning Applications ,Septique Test and Plans, Installation of Water Meter and about 4 meetings at the house on weekends. TVA of 5.5 % was also included.

We felt that this was an acceptable charge for his services.

Having taken 9 months to find an architect ourselves, who we are planning to Project Manage our Renovation I would not hang about if you have located a guy who has even given you a quote.

Two things to keep an eye on :

1) If Applicable - A Certificate of Urbanisation is valid for a year and you may need to get it extended . Our architect rang the Town Hall and it was done.

2) There is a local Planning Tax which is paid over three years some of which is immediate when the Permissions are given. (Our Architect suggested that this was the reason we received our Permissions in two weeks)

Good Luck


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