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Use of a British Achitect


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Is it possible to have a British architect to sign off a ‘permis de construire? I want to convert a small single story, attached barn into a bedroom. This will be a straightforward job for me but will take me over the 170 metres square. I can do the drawings myself, and have an architect friend in England who could sign them, if permitted. The limited nature of the work would make the cost of a French architect disproportionately expensive.

Unfortunately I cannot search the archives, as I cannot get the website search to work. My dial-up at home keeps timing out and the broadband at work does nothing when search button is pressed.


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A British (or any other nationality) architect can sign plans as long as the architect is registered and qualified to practice in France.

Alternatively, if you are looking to save money, you could get an architectural technician to draw the plans for you (based on your own drawings) who will then get them countersigned by their tame architect. There are some British people around who could do this for you. This is usually more economical than having an architect check and redraw your own work.

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