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Julie & Steve

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Hi all

Does anyone know if Ikea in France has exactly the same stuff as in Britain ie. are there any differences in the sinks, oven housing units etc to accommodate French systems - or is it all the same?  We are considering buying in Britain and bringing as Ikea a long way from us in France (but seems cheaper).




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Living in Germany and with a house in France  that we fitted out with an Ikea kitchen, and having relatives still in the UK,  I can confirm that the goods are very similar/identical.  The main differences are with the kitchen electrical goods where the specifications and model numbers are not all exactly the same (but usually very similar).  Prices vary between the various companies (although they are all Ikea there are individual national Ikea companies), and we were told that Ikea germany could not deliver to France (I assume this would also be true for the UK but it could be worth asking) - which put paid to my idea of buying the cheaper items in Germany and France and putting it all together, which would have been quite practical since the base units and doors are exactly the same and would have saved me around 100€ on a 4k expanditure - so not massive but still would have been nice to have.

Although the electrical specifications are different in many cases (not all) they all still fit in the standard IKEA units Factum and ??  All units come with multilingual instructions for assembly and fitting.


Biggest differences in specs seem to be with hobs for some reason, followed by ovens.

Mix and match is no problem.  The French store had temporarily run out of the sink we wanted, so we bought it in Germany. 


The similarities are such that the German and French catalogues seem to be page for page identical except for the language and prices.  The UK catalogue is a little different and the prices as Opel Fruit has suggested are roughly 1€ = 1 pound. 

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