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I just need a little help with the 3 phase supply into my house in Moncontour, Brittany. The house has a 3 phase 415v ac supply and the EDF distibution board converts this to 3 wires carrying 230v ac each. This is supplied to the consumer unit as normal -but the unit needs to be replace in the near future as it has been bodged. All of the feeds have 10A fuses suppling 16A power sockets and vice versa i.e it's a total mess and the wiring is unable to cope with the demand.  

What I would like to do is to take each 230vac supply and feed these into a consumer unit of 8 MCB, making a total 24 way consumer unit. Is there a piece of equipment that I need between the EDF distribtion board and the 3 consumer units. All consumer units will have a 30mA RCD 63A DP switch/CB as normal on the inputs. We now have 12KW available to use so I want to have 4KW supplied to each consumer unit, or whatever is appropriate to cope with the demands of the appliance usage.

All answers/help would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks, Alan Thomas 



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Hello & Welcome...

Firstly, the conversion to 3-off 230V supplies is done at the sub-station, by the addition of a neutral wire (230V live-neutral = 410V live-live).

Be aware that 410V is even more lethal than 230V - errr.......

Yes, you can do what you are suggesting, although I wouldn't, without a three-phase RCD (interrupteur differential) before the individual CU's. I don't like the prospect of losing 1 phase and not expecting the other two to still be live. Maybe I am just paranoid (and still alive, despite 25 years in high-voltage electronics).




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