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Design software - any recommendations?


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I'm after a basic design software - something to help me draw up plans to get consent for converting a shell of a building.

Have found one on Amazon (Ideal Home 3D Home Architect Professional 5.0)  but I think this is interior only.  I need something that will produce a visual of the external one the new doors, windows, etc would be fitted.

Has anybody got any recommendations?  Something cheap and cheerful as I'll only use it once or twice.

Cheers folks.

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I use 3D Home Architect Professional 5.0 and it will do everything you need.  You can build the house, add walls, floors, ceilings, roofs, beams etc.  You can also see the plan or look at it 3D and pan around it.  

What you can do when you have finalised your plans is then export the drawings into a format which can be accepted by your architect and he can then make any final adjustments and submit them for planning.  You will need a professional architect to do the final plans if you are renovating a whole building.

Hope this helps.


Mike L



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