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Installing a chauffe-eau electrique

Russell 23Russell

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Hello All


I have just returned to the UK (boo hoo) after installing a chauffe-eau electrique and I have two questions.


The instructions appeared to say that no jointing compound should be used between the group de security and the tank.  As there did not appear to be any way of sealing the joint I used PTFE tape anyway.   I now have a very small weep.  The weep is rusty which is my second question, see below.  The outlet is a flexible hose that came with the kit and sealed with a fibre washer.  The inlet flexible is connected to a pressure limiter (sealed with a fibre washer) and the limiter is sealed to the group with an integral rubber seal. The tank inlet is nylon and the group appears to be brass.  A fibre washer might work but the water channel in the group is not central which might be a problem.  All items bought from Mr Bricolage.


The weep above is rusty, after a few days from new, and when I drained the tank to remake the joint, the hot outlet was rusty as well.  Why?


OK, a third as well, is there a quick way of draining the tank?  Operating the red knob on the group allows only a limited amount of water out, until one disconnects the hot outlet to let in some air.


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Don't use tape on Brass-nylon joints. Use washers (fibre only) if you are told to do so in the instructions. Some need it, some don't. leather washers are good at sealing weepy joints (because they expand when wet), but they don't last & you should fix the problem, first!

Rust comes from the steel tank body. It could be electrolytic, you did put the plastic isolating adaptors in before the outlet copper, didn't you? Did you get a tank with an anti-electrolysis circuit (characterised by a flashing LED)? A bit of residual rust should not be a problem. Wait & see if it clears.

I once made the mistake of buying a Mr B  G de S - all of the threads were crap & I threw it away after I couldn't get the drain pipework to thread properly.

To allow air into  the hot side to drain the tank, simply turn on a tap! Easier than removing the outlet pipework ...


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You reckon that the nylon should seal to the brass without anything?  I'll try it next time, hopefully October.


There were no plastic isolating adaptors in the kit.  Where and how do they fit?  If the inlet/outlet are nylon, what do the adaptors do?


The tank is a very cheap one as it is only a maison secondaire and will only be used for a few weeks a year until we can reorganise our lives to enjoy it more.


I put a stopcock on the inlet and outlet so didn't think of turning on a tap - doh!!



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