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Building above a garage?


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Does anyone know if there are any restrictions in place that state you cannot build above a domestic garage?

We are having a new bungalow built and have a double garage included on the plans ( domestic use only) but we have decided we would like to have extra habitable space built above the garage as a self-contained studio flat but as our builders are on shutdown until month end along with the chap at the planning dept, we cannot find out about the feasibility of this and would like to know as soon as possible.

We realise the foundations will need to be suitable for this and know the area allows for single or double storey houses so it is just the question of any possible restrictions relating specifically to accomodation above a garage.

Any knowledge anyone may have relating to this would be appreicated.


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Not too long to wait before the rentree and then you'll have to ask. You will likely  have to submit new plans. A bungalow  near us that was sold last year has had it's roof removed and the lot built up to a two storey house recently. So adding on vertically, around here at least can be done.

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