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Log burning insert foyer questions

Julie & Steve

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We are renovating an house that used to be a boulangerie, and if possible would like to install a foyer in the 'fire box' of the old bread oven, keeping the cast iron oven doors above it. After knocking out the old fire bricks it should just be possible squeeze in the foyer. The flue has been replaced in modern terracotta to the loft. Please can anyone offer any suggestions or point out any considerations. In particular... 

1) Is there a minimum height above floor level that the foyer must be?

2) What should there be the minimum clearance between the foyer and the surrounding brickwork?

3) I anticipate installing a metal flue liner, and notice in the Brico Depot catalogue (2005 p109) what appears to be a chimney heat exchanger for warm air heating. Does anyone have any experience of these? Can these be fitted near the top of the flue in the loft space?

4) There is no chimney pot at present. Is there a particular type that should be used?

5) Brico Depot (p107) sell one at E169.00  and a very similar one at E469.00. Is a cheap one cheap because it's a load of **** or does a dear one do something a cheap one doesn't?

Many thanks for any comments and for at least reading this far!

Steve (66)

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