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In 2003 local macon knocked out holes for windows. Impressed with his work so accepted a devis for some more to be done, likely start date 1st or 2nd quarter of 2005. Phoned him in late April and asked him to start in July. "No problem" was the swift reply.

But when I tried to get him to come up to discuss exact details in May, he didn't keep the appointment. Several phone calls later he came round and said "no way, Pedro I'm fully booked and go on my hols in August and of course I don't have the stones to go around the holes. But I'll be there 3rd week in September". Hmm, I was not really convinced so mentally wrote in diary mid October. And of course I had to arrange the stones.

Rang him 2 weeks ago but he would not give me date. More gloom, now thinking Christmas if lucky.

Not another word until he knocked on door at 08.10 this morning. Off to collect stones and will return at around 11.00 or after lunch.

Moral of this tale - they are not all as unreliable as they try to pretend (but I'll believe it when the first hole has been started).



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Previous post by John, this is Di - Macon turned up, stones were collected and two large holes are in walls.

By the way, the 'wrong side' of the stones are beautiful - shame that they will be hidden. They have crevises filled with quartz, some are hollows edged with white quartz and some are small patches of amethyst that go through the stone appearing every so often. Many of the stones our barn is built from are quartz of one sort or another and there are huge blocks of rose quartz.

Carpenter is booked to fit windows so it is all go again, final slog ahead.


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