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fosse inspection.


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Does anyone know the procedure with fosse inspections ? We had a visit

today from a man who filled in info on a form. We understood him to say

that there weren't any serious problems but we should clear the area

round the fosse and get it emptied. Also check the filter has some

rocks. Also empty the bac de grasse. Although the outflow was too short

it doesn't matter as the land it pours onto is our own . What will

happen next? Will he come back to check we've done everything? Do you

get a certificate of conformity? Does it matter that it's only 2000

litres?  We should have asked him really but were were rather

overwhelmed by the flood of french. Also didn't want to give him

reforming ideas. Hoping that someone who has had this inspection can

answer. Pat.

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We had a fosse inspection recently and although a couple of points were noted we received the COC a few weeks later, the next inspection may be in four years time, "Normalement" and the fosse should be emptied every four years that's about it.

You should for your own benifit empty the bac a graisse

Carry on as normal.

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[quote user="Derf"]

... and the fosse should be emptied every four years that's about it.


The 4 year emptying interests me as I’ve just had mine emptied.  Fortunately the thing has not yet been inspected at all so my 4 year clock has not really started.  I’m actually unsure about how close we are in my area to having inspections.  The farmer who emptied it said to do nothing at the moment – just to wait until they get round to it.  Note “the farmer” (who was actually organised by the local plumber).  Given that he was a farmer I was a bit unsure of the status of such work.  However, I paid by cheque and then got a full legal receipt, siret numbers, TVA, and the work carried out clearly stated (and correctly as well).




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When the Inspector visits he does ask if you have any receipt's for any previous  tank emptying but it makes no difference either way,  after the inspection, the four yearly emptying cycle should start then and it must be by a licenced company, who can dispose of the waste in an authorised place.

However, friends of ours had their inspection last week it didn't comply with the current regs. as  the grey water goes straight into the ditch, he told them, that it could take him 6 - 8 years to get back to do another inspection to see if they have done the remedial work, and that there were still plenty of homes that he had visited with raw sewage going into the ditch.[Www]


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