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yet another fosse query


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It appears that we may have to connect 2wc,s with broyers and an occasional used shower room to a collecting point,i.e a sewage pumping unit to transfer the "eau usee" to either a new fosse septique,or some form of self contained treatment plant such as by Stoc environment.However we have been informed by local French assainissement experts trying to sell us an expensive treatment plant that we could have problems with the effluent from the broyer w.c,s., and no guarrantees can be given.The practicalities of changing the broyers (40mm) pipe through 3, 650mm  thick walls just escalates costs beyond realities.The only solution to me seems to pump the effluent into a Stoc type treatment plant,and not have  any type of holding tank such as a fosse septique.Has anyone any expereiences or advice they would like to share?Maude
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