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Insurance cover for roofing work?


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During March I will need to get my roof re-tiled. I have had quotes from a good local roofer, who is registered with a SIRET No. etc. However, do I need to take out any additional insurance for accidents on my property, which may not be covered by the roofers insurance?

I've heard of something called 'Dommage et Ouvrage Assurance'. Is this necessary, and where do I obtain it?



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Before you sign the quote (devis), you should ask your artisan for an

"attestation de responsabilité civile". This will be a proof that he is

insured for an accident he may cause while working on your property.

The "garantie dommage ouvrage" is different. If done by a

professionnal, your new roof will have a "garantie décennale". This

means that for ten years, the artisan is responsible for any problem

due to wrongdoing. But if in the meantime your artisans goes out of

business, you are left without any garantie. The garantie dommage

ouvrage is an additional insurance you take (and pay !) which somehow

double the garantie decennale. If you are dealing with  a

respected and established artisan, I don't think you need this garantie

which I am told is expensive. You may seek further advice from you

notaire. Hope this helps (sorry for the bad english). Daniel.

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Be aware that some insurance companies for deçennel et résponsabilite cover will not pay out on merely just re-tiled rooves where the former or second hand tiles have been re-used instead completely new quality ones or a complete new roof with new woodwork,volige and good first choice slates if there are problems that arise later on. A lot of people do not realise this and think they are completely covered against further leaks etc.
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