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Roof design

Nick Trollope

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I could give you some examples by going and measuring mine

(if that would help).  However, they are

all old and mostly oak.  I believe that

the tile sizes generally available these days are slightly larger.

I need to build a small roof and got the roofer round the

other day to advise (its great as he has loads of work and does not seem to

mind telling me how to do stuff – and I don’t “take the p**s” as there is also

loads of work I need him to do).  He

drew up a plan for me (timber sizes and “shopping list” but there are a few

important measurements missing (e.g. spacing between liteau).  When he next visits I’ll need to get this

(and other) info from him.

Let me know if you want me to measure anything and if so



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Hi Nick, the centre of the rafters should be no more than 600 mm apart, but this could be less depending on the dimentions of the rafter. The gap between the battens totally depends on type and size of material being used
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 Nick.Not wishing to get in an arguement with the pros!!, on your tape, metric or inches at 400 or 16inches  there will be a black dot or triangle or diamond that is for standard joist centres.Battening  centres depends on your tile type. Michael.
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Hi, basic dimensions are 400 centres or 16", this applies to UK style pre stressed trussed roofs, i'm sure the same applies here in La Belle France. Traditional roofs that are cut to create pitch and use a ridge are of greater dimensions, and can be further apart than trusses. These are the normal type of roofs here in France, in my experience, but due to the irregular size, shape and design they are spaced out differently and very difficult to recreate, not for the novice to handle. My advice for a self build is to source a truss manufacturer and get them made to measure, as for the tiles they are mechanical and as such have regular sizes and spacing that is readily available from most tile stockists, hope this helps, Hugh.

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