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PVC piping (canalisation) within the house.


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Does anyone know of any good schemas for what is required when connecting the house sewage plumbing to the installed main sewer. I have some very good French books on plumbing and now have a pretty good idea of what is required but a couple of things have come to my notice.

1. Because my diagrams don't show a siphon. Is a siphon always required in between the house collecteur principal and the installed sewer inspection trap in the footpath outside?

2. The installed sewer inspection trap bottom is 1.10 metres below house floor level and is 10 metres along the entrance hallway from the WC/Salle de bain. Can I dig a shallow trench for most of the 10 metres, maintaining a 3% incline, and then dip down the last meter to facilitate the connection to the main.

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